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Figs processing and packaging in Greece
Worldwide export!

Frequently asked questions

Where is your company based?

Agrofigs is located in the heart of Northern Evia with years of experience in the industry. All our figs come from the fields of local producers.

Why choose the figs of Northern Evia?

Apart from the huge historical background that accompanies our figs from ancient Greece, the ideal climate of our region is what plays the decisive role in differentiating our product in their taste and appearance, making them the thinnest and giving them an exceptional taste.

How can I order your products?

Each customer can place his order or request more information about the products by contacting the sales department at

Can I also order abroad?

Our company already has customers beyond the borders of Greece, in various countries around the world. We accept orders by distributing our products in countries for which we have all the necessary certifications that will accompany them.

How long will it take to prepare my order?

The time period of completion of an order depends on its volume as well as on the order queue that is already being prepared. Indicatively the estimated time is between ten to fifteen days.


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Υου may contact us using the following information:

Grothos Area, PC 34200, Istiea, Evia, Greece | Google Maps