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Figs processing and packaging in Greece
Worldwide export!

Our Products

Fig is the fruit that does not discriminate in hours, kitchens and dishes. It reaches our hands ready to suit all tastes, whatever time you want to enjoy it. In your breakfast, you can eat them whole or add fig jams to bread or toast. In your tithe, with the Suzuki or FigBites that you can take out of your bag, wherever you are. At noon, in a salad with cut pieces of fig or just if you want the taste with Dressing. In the evening, enjoy your wine, accompanying your cold cuts and cheeses, with Fig Chutney in various flavors.

Taking into account the needs of all consumers, we make sure that both our product and our business evolve around them. Innovative ideas, as you will discover below, come to cater to all age groups and tastes of the consumer public.

Figs, as well as all the by-products we have created, can play a catalytic role in the diet of people who seek to gain more energy and another source of nutrients for their body. Our products are available in wholesale - retail packages and are certified with the strictest standards for quality and food safety.

Would you like to get all this wealth and distribute it in the trade under your own name? We have taken care of this with Branded Packages. Our figs, our packaging, but your own Brand! For more information you can contact us.


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